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BGA Socket Series Features

BGA ICE Sockets

▼ ICE or BGA can be loaded in BGA Socket Series.

BGA sockets,CSPACK Series BGA can be loaded in BGA Socket Series.
Emulator boards or extension cables can be connected to BGA SOCKET Series assembled on target boards.
BGA Socket Series are surface mount products developed for BGA and LGA.
The custom products of lead free solder,multi pins or fine pitch etc can be developed up on request.

BGA / cable
loading side
Target board side CSPACK DSPACK LSPACK
Features The foot pattern of CSPACK are the same as BGA package.
CSPACK can be soldered on to the pads of BGA package under reflow soldering process.
The foot patterns of DSPACK are the same as the BGA soldering pads on target boards.
The pogo pins can be connected to pads without soldering.
The BGA size sockets can be assembled on the BGA package soldering pads.
LSPACK can be fixed on the socket.

Part Number Designation

Part Number Designation, CSPACK

IC dimensions
for reference
IC dimensions for reference

The dimensions of "B" and "H" are requested in case of new development.

*ICE(In Circuit Emulator)is trademark of Intel corporation.

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